Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saving On Your Energy Bill

This is one thing that we have been trying very hard to do the last couple of months. When Gregg was unemployed it made paying bills pretty hard. So we had to come up with, and research every way to try and save on our bills.

We all know that energy is a must.
We use it daily.
So I want to share with you some ways to save on your bills!

Unplug all items that are not in use

-We pretty much keep everything unplugged when not in use. Once we started this we did notice a change in our monthly bill.

Try to keep lights off during the day

-Use natural lighting during the day.
-If it isn't light enough for you try using energy efficient light bulbs.

Blinds & Curtains: Keep them open or closed?

- On nice cooler days keep them open. You will get natural lighting and with the sun shinning through the windows it will help keep your house warm.

-On hot days keep them closed. Having them open could create the room to get too warm. So keeping them closed will keep you from the cost of air conditioning.


-Try just doing laundry once a week and doing it early in the morning or later in the evening.

Do not rise or hand wash dishes

-I have read it is better to just put your dishes into the dish washer and let it do all the work.
-Rising off your dishes before they go into the dish washer is raising the cost of energy and water.
(sadly for us this one doesn't apply because we don't have a dish washer)

Try to use "Off Peak" hours

-Means when less energy is used.
-This is usually overnight or early in the morning.
-It can also vary from state to state.

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